Total: Receptie

This application is written to log all the visitors of the Total Plant in Schoten. The visitors can use their credentials to login and gain safe access to the plant. I mostly used HTML and PHP for this. I also developed a script, which wrote data off to a Bartender print server. This prints a label with the visitors credentials so they can easily c...

Total: LAB3

This web application for the Total Plant in Schoten was written in C# with help from ASP.NET MVC framework. This application was made to adjust a template, quantity and printer, so they could print a whole series of labels, to later use in production.

Total: Who Is Who

Written to easily find a person in the other Arteco Plants.

Total: Dafi

To calculate running times of the products at the Total Plant I wrote this Excel Macro. It’s written in VB and it processes data from a MS SQL database. It then generates charts for a clear visual representation of running times or pauses. Through the UI they can make changes to how the data has to be visualized.

Total: SAPReader

This web application reads data from the SAP systems.

Total: Hazards

This is also an application written for the Total Plant in Schoten. This web application makes labels to show the dangers of products. Each base material has to have a label so that the staff knows what to do when something happens, such as a fire or a leakage. The application is written in PHP with a MySQL database.